Our Activities

Welcome to the official website of Internet Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, under the spiritual leadership of his eminence, Sayyid Ibraheem Ya'qoub Zakzaky(H).

Internet Forum is a medium founded with a view to re-extending the message of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria across all nook and cranny of the Nation and overseas, through the available social Networks of the present day. News of the activities of the movement and knowledgeable write-ups in this website are being published in both Hausa and English Languages. Below are the analyses of pivoted role, aims and targeted objectives
of the forum:

  • Calling together all brothers and sisters who are interacting with social Networks to a single platform in order to conform with the accepted ideology of the movement in spreading the message of the movement through the internet.


  • Creating an enlightened room for training of brothers and sisters on new emerged strategies towards extending the message of Islam through the internet such as social networks by organizing intensive seminars and Workshop aimed at attaining productive and positive usage of the internet.


  • Organization and execution of events and conferences in various chapters of the forum across the Nation, that will be sensitizing brothers and sisters on dangers and risks of using the internet by exposing the systematic schemes of enemies of Islam in gathering secretive information using the internet such as social networks.


  • To breach the old-gap left in extending the messages of the Holy progenies of the Prophet(pbuh & hf) and that of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by using the most populated and understanding language(Hausa Language) of the Northern region of the country.


  • To create a single tribune that aimed at providing satiated unity of the Muslim ummah that belonged to other different Schools of thought in Nigeria, with brothers and sisters that adhere to the Wilay of Ahlul Bayt School of thought.


  • Enlightening the Muslim World and the present World about the oppression of the suppressed communities(like Palestinians) by the oppressed usurpers(like the illegitimate state of Israel) through hanging of banners and fixing of posters of the sustained injuries in a captured public view during the International Day for the oppressed(Qudus Day) as did in several of such occasions in Kano and Zaria(some of the cities where the International Qudus Day procession are being held among other towns and cities across Nigeria).
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