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International Quds day in Kano. Nig.

The Annual International quds day was observed in In Kano State in northen Nigeria despite the presense of convoy of combine Security Operatives. which comprises the Nigerian Army the Mobile Police and the Civil Defence well army to the Teeth. Since Morning the combine Security operatives surrounded the Fagge's Friday Mosques where they IMN member gather for the Quds day procession. Most People ware scare to attend the Mosques due unusual Presence of the Security Personnel.

After the Prayer the IMN members made some Moves. Some few Youth where sent away from the Mosque to begin the Procession. This made the Combile security Operatives to go after them, while they were busy chasing them within heavy Traffic Jam. The main Group take off from the Mosque. Hundred of Thousand  IMN Members Participated in the Procession which  Surprised the Crowds of People waiting for the Showdown between IMN and the Security Operatives. A lot of People at the road side were cheering them the way the beat the Security of the combine security Operatives of the State and came out in Mass despited the heavy Amour band and long convoy of Security opearative read  to kill.

The procession begins at the Fagge Friday Mosque and end in the Kano Old city in Gwammaja Quarters atleast 3 killometer long trek. Banners, Posters and Palestinian flag were displayed during the Procession. KUDUS A KANKUDUS DAY IN KAKUDUS DAY IN KANOKUDUS DAY KANOKUDUS INKUDUS DA JAMIAN


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