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The Annual International quds day was observed in In Kano State in northen Nigeria despite the presense of convoy of combine Security Operatives. which comprises the Nigerian Army the Mobile Police and the Civil Defence well army to the Teeth. Since Morning the combine Security operatives surrounded the Fagge's Friday Mosques where they IMN member gather for the Quds day procession. Most People ware scare to attend the Mosques due unusual Presence of the Security Personnel.

After the Prayer the IMN members made some Moves. Some few Youth where sent away from the Mosque to begin the Procession. This made the Combile security Operatives to go after them, while they were busy chasing them within heavy Traffic Jam. The main Group take off from the Mosque. Hundred of Thousand  IMN Members Participated in the Procession which  Surprised the Crowds of People waiting for the Showdown between IMN and the Security Operatives. A lot of People at the road side were cheering them the way the beat the Security of the combine security Operatives of the State and came out in Mass despited the heavy Amour band and long convoy of Security opearative read  to kill.

The procession begins at the Fagge Friday Mosque and end in the Kano Old city in Gwammaja Quarters atleast 3 killometer long trek. Banners, Posters and Palestinian flag were displayed during the Procession. KUDUS A KANKUDUS DAY IN KAKUDUS DAY IN KANOKUDUS DAY KANOKUDUS INKUDUS DA JAMIAN


The letter written by Falana SAN demanding the arrest and prosecution of Soldiers who took part in the Zaria massacre.

The Attorney-General
& Commissioner for Justice,
Ministry of Justice, Kaduna,
Kaduna State.

Dear Honourable Attorney-General,


We are solicitors to the Islamic Movement in Nigeria headed by Sheik Ibraheem Zakzaky who has been detained without trial for about 8 months by the State Security Service in Abuja.

In your interview published in Thisday Newspaper of May 17, 2016 you spoke on the violent attack unleashed on the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria by the Nigerian Army last December. In particular, you said that "... our response was swift which was shown by the numerous arrests made."

Having limited the "numerous arrests" to the surviving victims of the violent attack who have since been charged with conspiracy and culpable homicide we hereby request you to use your good offices to ensure that the criminal elements who killed 347 unarmed civilians including women and children and buried their dead bodies are arrested and arraigned in court without any further delay. To facilitate the prosecution we wish to furnish you with the following facts:

(1) In exercise of their fundamental rights of freedom of assembly and expression the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) staged a peaceful rally in Zaria, Kaduna state on July 25, 2014 in solidarity with the Palestinian people. In spite of the peaceful nature of the solidarity rally a band of armed soldiers opened fire on the protesters. Out of the 34 people who were killed in the unprovoked attack 3 were sons of Sheik Zakzaky.

(2) The Federal Government was embarrassed by the unlawful killing of the 34 members of the IMN by the army. In the circumstances, the National Human Rights Commission expressed condolence and tendered a public apology to the bereaved families on behalf of the federal government. But despite the official apology, the Kaduna state government did not prosecute the suspects who perpetrated the unlawful killing. At the material time, Mr. Nasir El Rufai publicly condemned the brutal killing and paid a condolence visit to the IMN leader in his residence.

(3) On December 12, 2015, platoons of the Nigerian army unleashed mayhem on the members of the IMN on the ground that they had plotted to assassinate the Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai Staff. The spurious allegation was not reported to the Police. Equally not brought to the attention of the Police was the allegation that the IMN had blocked a road in Zaria which affected the convoy of the Chief of Army Staff.

(4) Instead of reporting the alleged infractions of the law to the Police, the Chief of Army Staff decided to take the law into his hands by commanding armed troops to open fire on the unarmed civilians in utter violation of sections 33 and 217 of the Constitution, Rules of Engagement for the Nigerian Military and the Geneva Convention.

(5) The violent attack continued for two days. Though, the leader of the IMN was not present at the praying ground, the army invaded his house on December 14, 2014. He and members of his family including his wife and children were shot at close range. During the unprovoked attack, 3 of his children were killed in his presence while grenades were hauled at his house which was subsequently set ablaze by the rampaging soldiers.

(6) On December 15, 2015, 347 people who were killed in the attack were secretly buried in a mass grave in Mando, Kaduna state by the army with the connivance of the Kaduna state government. Before the mass burial, the Kaduna state government did not deem it fit to conduct any autopsy or DNA tests on the bodies.

(7) On the 23rd of December, 2015 officials of the Kaduna State Urban Protection Development Authority (KASUPDA) under the supervision of military authorities demolished the following properties of the IMN: graves of deceased members of the sect at Darur Rahma cemetery, situate 10 miles outside of Zaria; the movement’s newly acquired property adjacent to the Husainiya, a former NTC building; the Fudiyya Islamic Centre; and the family house of Zakzaky at Jushi quarters of Tudunwada ward where his mother was interned.

(8) On January 29, 2016, Governor El Rufai proceeded to set up a judicial commission of inquiry to investigate the crisis and make recommendations to the government. The members of the commission were drawn from the army, the police, the State Security Service and some individuals including those who had, through public statements and writings, called for the proscription of the IMN.

(9) Although, section 36 (1) of the Constitution stipulates that a court or tribunal shall be constituted in a manner that its independence and impartiality shall be guaranteed, the Kaduna state government ignored the demand of the human rights community that the commission be reconstituted by removing the members who have always nursed animosity towards the IMN.

(10) Notwithstanding the fact that the commission had invited Sheik Zakzaky to testify on behalf of the IMN, he was prevented from doing so by the State Security Service which has held him in custody since December 14, 2015. Thus, the Commission was only permitted to take evidence from the aggressors and others who have axe to grind with the IMN.

(11) Upon realizing that its findings and recommendations might not enjoy credibility having not been allowed to observe the elementary rule of audi alteram partem, the commission made frantic efforts to persuade the legal team of the IMN to participate in the proceedings. We were unable to accede to the request of the commission since it was unable to direct the authorities to release our clients from custody to tell their own side of the story.

(12) Out of sheer contempt for the judicial commission, the Kaduna state Government has filed charges of conspiracy and culpable homicide against over 250 members of the IMN at the Kaduna state high court. The suspects who are alleged to have caused the death of one Corporal Yakubu Dankaduna during the military invasion are languishing in prison custody while awaiting the legal advice of the Kaduna state Director of Public Prosecution.

(13) Although the Secretary to the Kaduna State Government, Alhaji Lawal Balarabe Abbas has since confirmed the gruesome massacre of the 347 people by the army, you have refused to prosecute the criminal elements who perpetrated the crime and proceeded to bury their dead bodies in a mass grave in a country which loudly proclaims to operate under the rule of law.

In the light of the foregoing we have the instructions of our clients to request you to prosecute the members of the Nigerian Army who took the law into their hands by unleashing mayhem on unarmed civilians in Zaria, Kaduna state from December 12-14, 2015. Specifically, you are requested to charge the suspects with conspiracy, willful damage to property, arson and culpable homicide not later than July 31, 2016.

TAKE NOTICE if you fail to accede to our clients' demand we shall not hesitate to apply to the High Court of Kaduna State for an order of mandamus to compel you to discharge your constitutional duty by charging the indicted culprits to court in line with your oath of office to "do right to all manners of people according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will..."

Yours Sincerely,

Femi Falana Esq, SAN, FCI Arb.Buhari


Re-Zaria and the Shi’ites without El-Zakzaky (Part 2)
By Abdulmumin Giwa
Response to calumny:
In the second part of this rejoinder, I am going to respond to issues Abdulgafar Alabelewe had raised in his write-up having subjected the writing of the write-up itself to a moral test in the first part of the rejoinder.
Firstly, I will start by correcting the wrong impression given by Abdulgafar that the leader of the Movement was lured into the movement by Iran during his University days. Please go and check your records well. The Islamic Revolution in Iran took place in 1979 after Sheikh Zakzaky had graduated from the university in the same year. But while in the university he was known for Islamic activism and was even the Secretary-General of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, MSSN. The revered leader even without Iran was already calling for the establishment of fairness and justice to all through Islam.
The Islamic Revolution in Iran only complemented what he was doing by proving that it was practicable and not just theory. The Islamic Revolution in Iran encouraged a lot of other freedom seeking groups that it is possible to achieve their goals like SWAPO and ANC in particular.
Furthermore, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is not sponsored by Iran. Neither you the writer nor the Nigerian government has any evidence whatsoever that Iran is sponsoring the IMN and I challenge you to show it to the world if you have any. How much would you be paid to risk being murdered by your own government? This is a very stupid claim!
Despite the number of sponsored people and groups that presented memos and were publicly examined by the JCI in Kaduna no one was able to produce any evidence that the Movement is sponsored by Iran. Where did you get your own claim from?
Hence, identifying with Iran is simply in the ideology which if Iran turns away from, the movement will equally turn away from Iran. So what if Shi’ites identify with Iran because they are Shi’ites? Don’t the Wahhabis identify with Saudi Arabia? Don’t the Tarikas identify with Morocco and Tunisia? Don’t the Catholics identify with Rome? Don’t the Anglicans identify with England? Don’t the Jews identify with Israel?
Keep religion aside people identify with their values, ideas and practices and their heroes as well that are outside Nigeria whether in sports, politics, business and every other aspect of life. Why the mischief of trumpeting that the Shi’ites identify with Iran? So what if IMN identifies with Iran what is wrong with Iran and who is afraid of Iran?
A major principle of the leader of the Movement that has kept the Movement alive is the fact that every member must be ready to sacrifice his life and his wealth for the course. It is not an issue of money-making it is a struggle in which you involve your wealth while your life is also at risk. It is his policy that people shun individualism and greed and always think in terms of the general interest of all. Hence, everything in the Movement is financed by its members through contributions just the way you claimed to have noticed in the absence of the leader in your write-up.
Let me tell you what Iran is to me personally. It is an example of a country that has successfully freed itself through a revolution from the exploitation and oppression by the global imperialism. It is a country that has resisted sanctions and imposed war for over thirty years of its existence. It miraculously under mega economic sanctions developed into a superpower to be reckoned with in its region.
Iran is a country that has developed in the fields of science and technology into becoming a major global nuclear power to be reckoned with all under sanctions for years. It is an oil rich country and OPEC member that does not rely on its oil for survival. Nigeria has more to benefit from Iran than the European and American exploiters who squeeze everything out of us to build their countries. I still leave you to find the answer for me, who is afraid of Iran and why?
Secondly, Sani Yakubu is not in a good position to speak on the IMN at least to a responsible and fair journalist. He is just turned into a joker of the mischief makers and perpetrators of the Zaria massacre. This is a man that declared publicly that Sheikh Zakzaky was not his brother because he is Shi’ite and that Shi’ites and Christians are all infidels. This is his level of insanity.
Sani is one of the ardent anti-Shi’ite Wahhabi extremist who see every other person as an infidel except he follows their way. His personal reason for speaking against Sheikh Zakzaky, beyond religion and faith, is that they shared the same father and not the same mother and so, they did not belong to the same room, that contest and envy the Zaria people refer to as ‘yan’ubanci’ reigns higher in him. To him those from other rooms/mothers must not achieve more than them in life. This is how morally low he is.
In their maiden press conference after the Zaria attack, the Nigerian Army used Sani Yakubu as their joker putting him on the high table and treating him as a special guest with the Army spokesman even specially announcing his presence in the midst of the hungry ‘Arabic speaking idiots’ they gathered. They sponsored him to show support for their attack on Sheikh Zakzaky in order to douse tension and convince the public that their dirty work was in order. He was everywhere in the headlines blackmailing Sheikh Zakzaky. I heard a journalist describing him as the most stupid brother of the year.
Sheikh Zakzaky had other brothers and sisters but were not contacted or quoted because they spoke against the Army inhumanity. In fact if Sheikh Zakzaky was a bad man as you are trying to depict, why did his elder sister Goggo Fatima sacrificed her life defending him that she was even burned alive by the Nigerian Army in the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky during the December attack?
Why didn’t you talk about his nephew Shamsu the son of his brother Abdulqadir that was also brutally killed by the Army when he stood by the door blocking the Army from reaching Sheikh Zakzaky? Why don’t they quote Sheikh Abdulqadir whose son was murdered by the Army? Why don’t they quote Malam Badamasi who has been an ardent follower of the Sheikh? I know why, is because of mischief and calumny against Sheikh Ibraheen Zakzaky and not because of journalism and professionalism.
I know journalists in Kaduna that attended the Army press conference at 1 Division in Kaduna after the Zaria massacre who Sani Yakubu begged not to report what he said because he was made to say it and is shameful. Therefore he lacks both morality and integrity to speak on Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and the IMN and lacks any genuineness as a source of reference when speaking about Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzkay. In like manner everything you have quoted from him lack substance because they have failed the litmus test.
Thirdly, you raised the issue of road blockage and even relating it to civil disobedience and also thinking that you are doing journalism. What a shame. Did President Muhammadu Buhari not block roads when he was campaigning to become Nigeria’s President? Why were he and all APC members not killed by the Army? Everybody blocks road in this country when the need for such arises. Even the church to which the Vice President Yemi Osimbajo belongs blocks one of the most busiest roads in West Africa, the Lagos Ibadan Express way for over three days several times every year and the church members have not been killed by the Nigerian Army. In several occasions even the Army is affected by the blockage but they never killed them because they are not Shi’ites I believe.
Emirs block roads in the north during their Durbar every Sallah and even harass those who insist on using the roads. Mosques and Churches block roads on Fridays and Saturdays respectively. During festivals like yam festivals and carnivals roads are blocked and all these happen during the year and their adherents are not murdered by Nigerian Army. Why the IMN?
I am not surprised that you bring up this issue because it says who you are writing for because it was one of the five changed reasons for the mass murder tendered by the Nigerian Army.
The IMN does not in any way constitute any nuisance to the public because it is so organized in its activities and has the best records of crowd management in Africa.
You falsely describe the IMN as an extremist group without any justification when you the writer have been part of events the movement had conducted along with non-Shi’ite Muslims and Christians alike. The IMN has been condemned by the majority Wahabbi Muslims for building bridges with Christian communities and joining them in their celebrations. I wonder where you have seen a religious extremist opening up to that extent and declaring every human being his brother either in faith or in humanity. IMN is the only Islamic group in the entire country that has a Christian Forum and has as part of its annual programs a Unity Week for Muslims.
Definitely if you are looking for extremists look for them elsewhere and not in the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.
Fourthly, the other point you brought was the one fabricated by the Kaduna state government to justify its role in the attack. This is the issue of Gyallesu residents rejoicing the absence of Sheikh Zakzaky. The Kaduna state government sponsored some individuals in the media in the name of some inexistent groups to blackmail the IMN in order to justify the Army genocide.
The Kaduna state Governor Nasir El-Rufai himself even before announcing the establishment of his Judicial Commission of Inquiry indicted the Movement publicly accusing it of a lot of things he could not prove. It was in the process that those Gyallesu individuals were employed to smear the IMN and its leader. Most of those involved in the deal are Wahhabis who see the IMN as their enemy and the Army as fighting a Jihad for them by killing Shi’ites.
Not for that, no body is rejoicing the absence of the Sheikh in Gyallesu. It was clear when Sheikh Zakzaky gave the Ramadan food items to the needy during the recently concluded Ramadan as he had done annually, the people received it and were happy and praying that the government of tyrant releases him.
It was just a day into the process that the same thugs and drug addicts that were used by the Army to scavenge dead corpses of IMN members were hired by the state government through the same Wahhabi clerics to go and attack those that collected the food and seize and it from them lest they support Sheikh Zakzaky.
I can clearly recall the incident of 2011 when General Buhari lost in the elections and his supporters went wild killing and burning properties of non-indigenes of Zaria mostly Christians presumed to be supporting the PDP. It was the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky that became the safety abode for them and were protected and looked after until the crises subsided. A lot of residents in Gyallesu relied on the IMN medical services for their health support. The entire Gyallesu is set free of rape and activities of the under-world with the presence of the Sheikh in the community. Most of the victims of such activities of the under-world were students from the Congo campus of ABU and Federal College of Education and a lot of such students have testimonies to tell.
The absence of Sheikh Zakzaky is more like hell to the people of Zaria in general who make a lot of money from the millions of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers that visit the town during various activities of the IMN. These include hotels, restaurants, shop owners and transporters who make more than what they make in three months in just one day of a major IMN event. A lot of them are now complaining and some have even closed down their businesses. I say is like hell because of the current hardship instituted on the Nigerian people by the government in addition to the absence of Sheikh Zakzaky.
Definitely it is vague statement for any right thinking person to say that people are rejoicing the absence of Sheikh Zakzaky in Zaria, no, they are regretting his absence and wishing he comes back to them. It is only the government propagandists that make their own money by lying to the public about the reality on ground that are rejoicing while the verse population is left to suffer.
Lastly, the fifth point you raised is the same point the security apparatus blackmailing the leader of the IMN and the movement are mischievously spreading on the social media. You gave a false picture of a rift within the movement claiming that there is fictionalization of the movement. The Movement is still what it is and has its network of information and activities as well as leadership chain that all the members still recognize and respect even in the absence of the revered Sheikh. You should know that it is a lie because a factionalized organization can never achieved what the movement had achieved since the Zaria pogrom by putting its opponents on the defensive.
The movement since inception has been a peaceful, non-violent and unarmed movement. It is those in authority that have submitted themselves to the control of some foreign powers that allow themselves to be used in attacking the movement thereby helping them fight a proxy war against Iran and we all know who the arch-enemies of Iran are.
There is never and will never be a time that the movement will ever attack or intimidate anybody anywhere. It is always the securities that have attacked the movement at will and then use the media to claim that there was a ‘clash between the Army and the Shi’ites’.
Even in 2014 when the Army attacked the and killed 34 members of the Movement including three biological sons of the leader, two of whom were taken alive by Colonel Okuh and tortured to death. The attack was after the Pro-Palestinian rally when people were returning to their various destinations and not during the demonstration, whose road was blocked then? The Nigerian Army came shooting and killing innocent people going about their businesses just like that.
I remember the case of an Igbo businessman, Mr Julius Anyanwu who saw no reason why the soldiers should be killing innocent people and confronted them at PZ round about in Zaria on that fateful day asking them to stop the killing and they killed him at close range.
The Army was even selective during the killing looking for the children of Sheikh Zakzaky in particular and whisked them away where they tortured them to death. Ali who survived the tortured revealed what happened but was murdered by the same Nigerian Army along with two of his siblings during the December 2015 attack.
The Pro-Palestinian demonstration of 2016 otherwise called International Quds Day you claimed was peaceful because the IMN now are law abiding was peaceful not because anything had changed from what and how it used to be as you mischievously depicted. It was peaceful because the government did not decide to attack the demonstration.
If the government had attacked it the news would be different. It was the same assembly, the same people on the same Nigerian roads demonstrating with the same and even greater spirit than before. So what has changed? Ask the journalists that were there because you were not there.
It was not all that rosy anyway because in Sokoto the Nigerian Police kidnapped four young boys after the Pro-Palestinian demonstration and addressed a press conference claiming that they have arrested Shi’ites with dangerous weapons. Thanks to the timely intervention of our lawyers and they were released on bail.
Have you ever stopped for minute to ask yourself why anyone would attack a pro-Palestinian rally or demonstration? In whose interest is he attacking it? That would tell you who he is working for.
Finally, you quoted something I posted on facebook and claimed that it was a circular proving that there was faction in the movement. It was simply a post on my wall on facebook which I know the security and perpetrators of the Zaria massacre are not happy about.
They are only trying to create ways to blackmail the IMN by using some security agents to pose as Shi’ites. Those people have never been with and are never part of the IMN. Their job is to spread calumny against the leader of the IMN in particular and propagate that he is not Shi’ite and that Shi’ism instructs one to be obedient to oppressive authority.
They abuse and insult Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and promote and eulogize President Buhari and General Buratai for killing IMN members. Do you need to be told who they are working for as a member of IMN o even as an objective onlooker?
Their intention is to create an artificial tension between the IMN and those claiming they are Shi’ites so that the security would go and eliminate one of them and then point accusing fingers at the IMN. They have done it to us in Sokoto using one cleric called Danmaishiyya and have tried and failed in Zaria using another cleric called Albani. I wrote that post and even commented on some posts to draw the attention of IMN members not to fall victims to that plot. As part of the IMN peace mechanism we thought keeping silent to all their activities is the best.
This rejoinder will not be complete if I fail to thank members of the Movement for a job well done. They have exhibited the best of loyalty to the revered leader by not reacting negatively despite the pressure and intimidation by the government. Their intention was for the IMN to go wild so that they have a reason to not only clampdown on the Movement but also wipe it out and outlaw it. This they have failed, thanks to the peaceful and focused steps of seeking redress taken by the movement. It is now clear to the world who the extremists, intimidators, oppressors and tyrants really are.
It is our pride that in obedience to his Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky we have refused to allow ourselves to be used in shedding the blood of innocent people. You can continue to kill us and we will continue to use the same weapon of peace to fight back until we attend your own funeral and achieve true freedom and emancipation.


By:A brave journalist and writer : Abdulmumin Giwa.
“This Movement was not built to this level through abuses or compulsion or acts of brigandage, it can therefore not be defeated through such methods. It was built in divine wisdom, knowledge, conviction and good counsel. As a result, in over the 37 years of its existence people have come to accept it. If anyone has a better argument, he should present it to the people and let them choose.” -Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H)
I am writing this rejoinder in two parts in which this part will subject writing to please the perpetrators of the Zaria massacre to a moral test. It will expose the immorality of writing in defense of murderers and extra-judicial killers.
My attention was drawn by a fellow brother to the above titled article in page 9 of the Nation newspaper of Sunday 10th July 2016 written by Abdulgafar Alabelewe, asking me to go through it because the content is deceiving.


Nigeria treatment of Zakzaky
outrageous: Pundit Tue Feb 16, 2016.
Press TV has interviewed Massoud Shadjareh, Islamic Human Rights Commission from London, on the fate of prominent Nigerian Shia cleric Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky after being attacked by military forces of the African country.
The following is a rough transcription of the interview.
Press TV: Talking about the situation of Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky, he remains currently in a state of limbo, so to say, where he’s not been charged with anything formal, yet he’s also not been released. Talk to us more about what’s going on!
Shadjareh: Well, it’s a very strange
situation for him to be, the fact of the matter is that, as you said, he’s not been charged, he’s not released, he’s not even [been] accused of any particular crime.
The reality is that he’s been shot four times in the process two months ago and there are 700 people missing, his wife was shot twice and really we are getting no access to any of these people.
We know number of people who are actually being held, but we have no access to them, lawyers have got no access to them. We tried to get access. The lawyers have been pushing forward for having access to their clients.
Zakzaky has not been seen except by one team, which included a professor and really this is outrageous. It’s outrageous because of the fact that there are 700 people missing, many of them presumed dead, and there are hundreds who have died.
And really we are seeing no due
process whatsoever and we don’t
even know who is holding Sheikh
Zakzaky and his wife. We don’t know if it’s the military, if it’s the police or is the intelligence services.
There are some rumors that he is
being held by intelligence services, which is outrageous. I mean if someone has committed a crime then let us go through the due process and if they haven’t which is very clearly he hasn’t then they should be released.
And this is totally unacceptable and this is why we are seeing almost weekly demonstrations right across Nigeria, the most recent was yesterday in 15 cities by women of the Islamic movement going out and in thousands and demonstrating to bring some sort of due process and some sanity to this whole situation.


PRESS RELEASE - Nigeria: Military still killing Islamic Movement members and supporters
IHRC is deeply concerned about the security and health of dozens of supporters and members of the Islamic Movement who remain in detention following last month's attack on the group by the Nigerian army.
This morning Abbas Isiyaku died in military custody after being critically injured in the assault against the movement and its institutions that began on 12 December.



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